The whole area of Coron/Culion/Busuanga is well known for its excellent diving sites, with a number of shipwrecks from World War two scattered around the area, as the map on the right shows. Three of them are within half an hour of the island by boat.

One of these three is the Lusong Gunboat. This particular wreck is on a very shallow location, as the illustration on the left shows, making it possible to be seen without even diving on days of very low tides (search in Google Images for "lusong gunboat" - including quotes - and if you are lucky you'll be able to see pictures taken by some tourists literally sitting on top of the boat with no diving equipment, just a snorkel).

A full description of all the dive sites in the region can be seen here.

Nevertheless, if you think seeing sunken ships is too tragic and prefer to see something more natural and alive, you can also find around the area the diving sites of the Barracuda Lake (with its underwater cave), the Cathedral Cave and the Seven Picados Reef. The latter has outstanding features: large formations of pristine staghorn coral, table corals and, to the eastern side, gorgonia fans.

So that you don't miss out on this and can be spoiled to go straight from the island to your diving sites, we have teamed up with Discovery Divers, a local diving school. They have professional instructors and all the diving equipment available for rental and will be happy to receive you for this adventure.

They have also taken the video below, showing what is waiting for you when you visit us - and also showing how good divers they are...